Bakery is a product design & branding studio.

Looking for a new website, app, platform, or portal? Partner up with Bakery, and we'll work with you to deliver world-class UX/UI Design on your next big idea.


Here's how we can help

Design a new
digital product

Have an idea for a website, app, portal or platform? We'll guide the way and deliver a world-class product.

Improve an
existing product

Have an existing digital product that needs improved UX/UI Design? We'll take it from here and run with it.

Upskill and
design training

Have a design team that needs to pivot their approach to design? Bakery's unique workshops are tried and tested.

You're in good company

We've designed and built interfaces for these brands and more

So what's in a name?

We get a lot of calls from moms looking for Hulk-themed birthday cakes, and bridezillas wanting to know the difference between buttercream and cream cheese frosting and if we’d recommend red velvet. And every time we have to politely explain that we don’t sell any baked goods, we’re just a design agency that appreciates the process.

Product  design, like baking, is part-art-part-science. Every step is crucial. What you put in, and how much of it, how you mix it all up - everything you do has a bearing on the end product and ultimately the users’ experience. 
We approach any design challenge like we would a cake:

1. Get to know who’s going to eat it,
2. Develop a plan and fine-tune the recipe,
3. Use only the best ingredients and
4. Rely on a team with years of experience making cakes people love.

Ok this metaphor is wearing a little thin, but you get the idea :)

We're guided by our vision to be more than just a design studio

Learning is in our DNA
We believe in co-collaboration
We upskill
the community
We advocate for
UX Design